Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dismantling the tree

I guess it's time to put Christmas away for another year. Not that I did a LOT of decorating, but there was the tree to take down. Blackie and Chickie love to help, too. They just can't resist those dangly string things.It turns out that our timing for travel was perfect. It is now snowing like mad. I only threw the Christmas tree outside last night.And with a little wind, the drifting is really something.That's what happened to our driveway, only WAY worse.

Oh ya, and speaking of wind....that darned wind. While we were gone it blew our satellite dish over and so all the stuff I had set the VCR to tape did not get recorded. Most of it I don't really care about, but the one I can't do without is Coronation Street. I'm a bit behind in actually watching it, but when I DO sit down to catch up, I want all the episodes to be there. And these particular ones are hot because a major character has just died and I don't want to miss a moment. If I can't find a friend who still has their copy, I may have to try to find it on the web. DRAT!!!

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